We can install, maintain and repair a variety of miscellaneous types of fencing all over the Mohave Valley and Tri-State area. Whether your project is commercial or residential, we offer a start-to-finish approach. From design choices to follow-up maintenance, we continue to provide excellent service to our customers.

In addition to all of our standard fencing styles, here are some examples of other kinds of projects we offer:


Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles that make it a good versatile option for fencing. Features of vinyl fencing include:

  •      Virtually any style—picket, rail, post, or privacy fencing
  •      Long-lasting and durable—won’t fade or rust over time
  •      Easy to clean, low-maintenance, not affected by sun, rain or heat

Design versatility means that a vinyl fence can be custom-fit to match your already-in-place design features. You can work with our technicians to design the perfect fit for any commercial or residential project, great or small.


We offer several different services when it comes to smaller wrought iron design projects, and can perform them on location or in-house:

  •       Stair cases
  •      Spiral staircases
  •      BBQ islands
  •      Frames
  •      Certified welding
  •      CNC cutting
  •      Gates
  •      Handrails
  •      Security doors
  •     Window Bars

Virtually any type of fencing project your home or business needs, we are here to help. All residential and commercial projects have their own challenges, and we have experienced professionals who are willing to give you a personal consultation and assess the best fit for your property’s needs.


As with any standard fencing project, we will provide you with a free estimate on your miscellaneous fencing project as well. Call today to set up an appointment!