Pool Fencing


In this part of the country, the hot desert sun invites us to sit around a pool whenever possible. We are fortunate to have pools as a very common feature in many homes, and they are nearly ubiquitous in apartment complexes, hotels, spas, and fitness centers. The architectural designs of many homes and businesses are built to accommodate a pool.


With this great luxury comes a high responsibility to keep children safe around the pool — and keep unwanted visitors out. For homes with children, pool fencing is an absolute necessity.

Some different styles to consider for pool fencing installation are:

  •        Block walls
  •        Baby barrier fencing
  •        Pool mesh chain link
  •        Chain link
  •       Wrought iron
  •       Gates with locks

Even for above ground pools, fences are necessary to keep kids safe. We can custom design and install a portable fence that will move around your above-ground pool.

Another necessary safety feature for pool fencing is a gate lock. This is typically done in wrought iron, but a lock can be added to chain link fencing and most any other types of fencing.

It is important to consider the width of spacing on your wrought iron pool fencing enclosures. Pools are a big attraction for children, and if there is a way for them to slide through the bars, they will inevitably find it. One solution is to go with a more solid option for your pool fence.  You have many design-conscious options, such as adding custom swirls or scrolls in between the bars on a wrought iron fence. Whatever your design goals, pool fencing can be visually pleasing while serving an important safety function.


It is common to see wrought iron fences with a gate surrounding a pool, but virtually any type of fencing will enclose a pool area and can enhance the look of the space.

The cheapest option is a chain-link fence. It will keep kids safe and keep your pool area free from unwanted visitors. They aren’t always possible to install, for example into already existing concrete or it may not fit with the rest of the backyard design.

A block wall, or even standard wrought iron and chain link fences with slats of redwood or cedar in between, can beautify a backyard.


We are happy to work with businesses such as apartment managers, property managers, and hotel service providers to design the perfect pool fencing for your business.


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