Wrought Iron



Many people choose a wrought iron fence or gate for its timeless beauty and stately curb appeal. But wrought iron fencing has many practical advantages as well. Wrought iron fences are ideal for the following reasons:

  •       Durable over the years
  •       Courtyard fencing
  •       Automatic swinging gates
  •       Pool & yard security
  •       Designed to increase your property values
  •       Ornamental, classic, or custom design

Whether for your business or your home, wrought iron fences will last for years and years and hold their value.


Are you choosing a wrought iron design for your residential or commercial property? We can help you choose from several pre-formed designs to suit your property, or work with you to customize a design that will match other features of your property. Some things to consider if you are choosing a wrought iron fence for a commercial property where it will be used by the public are:

  •       Is it safe for children (in case of jumping or climbing)?
  •       Does it need additional grating to prevent animals from passing through?

We can meet with you to survey your property and provide an assessment of which features would best match your needs. Whether residential or commercial, we’re here to help you choose the best design features for you.


There are several projects for which a wrought iron fence is the most appropriate choice for the landscape. For example:

  •        Terraced Balconies
  •        Pool & Yard Enclosures
  •        Garden Gates
  •        RV Gates
  •        Security Gates
  •       Auto-entries – secured with key code or automatic
  •       Patio-Area Dividers
  •       Courtyard Gates

The distinctive see-through design feature of a wrought iron fence can let the beauty of your property remain visible to passersby while securing the boundaries – offering an increase in property value while maintaining security. Additionally, wrought iron fencing can add beauty to your balcony, yard, or yard entries. For this reason, wrought iron fencing continues to be a popular and highly customizable property or patio design feature.


If you are considering installing a custom or standard wrought iron fence, we can help you decide which style will best meet your needs. We will discuss several design options and features with you and send out an experienced professional to help assess your residential or commercial property. We have several years of experience in providing top quality fencing of all kinds and are committed to maintaining our reputation as the Tri-State Area’s leading fence provider. Call today to set up an appointment!